Examples of investments


Capital appreciation & profit
Maturity 2 years and a total interest rate of 12.0 %

The return from the investment is 12%

The effective interest here is 6% p.a. (Nominal interest at 5.841% p.a.)

2 ways to repatriat the capital

  •  The investment and profit will be paid out at the end of the term
  •  The investment will be repaid monthly with corresponding interest


capital calculator
Detailed overview of the investment amounts for monthly repatriation

Another investment opportunity

Company participation desired?

As a partner: Here, the participation of an experienced professional with words and deeds is expressly desired. Amount of deposit about 15,000, – €

As a silent partner: The investor should be permanently involved.
The co-determination powers depend on the amount of the investment. But he does not act as a shareholder of the company outwardly.

As Investor (partiarisch): The startup involved the investor in profits and exit proceeds as if he were a co-owner. He has no other powers.


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