Invest successfully in project Conzis

Conzis is the name for a multifunctional patented car trailer with many uses.

information about the concept

Investors wanted to realize the project

Private investors are still being sought for the concept, which makes it possible to support a very interesting and subsequently profitable project.
The investment amount has been kept deliberately small in order to exclude a risk investment.

Aktuelle Anlagemöglichkeiten

Return 12 %

Loan period

24 monthes


from 1.000,- €

Why the project Conzis seeks private investors?

Startups have had a hard time getting credit from their bank for years. They usually can not come up with the usual collateral. They have innovative ideas whose market success is difficult to express in the required numbers.

Why you should invest privately?

Donors secure annual fixed interest rates, of which one can only dream with passbook, gold & co. By investing their money in small and medium-sized enterprises, private investors are boosting the economy and creating sustainable jobs. Put somewhat more pathetically: they strengthen the backbone of the domestic economy and give start-ups the opportunity to establish themselves